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The Best Customizations, on the Best Wallet Invention…Ever

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PopCard let's us customize all of each wallet's surfaces. Including the faces, the sides, the pull tabs, inner pocket walls, and both sides of the money clip.

A first for such extensive customizations on a new invention! Jarrel Byer developed PopCard wallets, because we always want what's best. PopCards are superior to every other type of leather wallet: bifolds, card holders, pass cases, etc.

Every PopCard provides instant and maximum exposure of your cards and cash, so you make payments faster and easier.

It’s more enjoyable; like watching movies on a TV, instead of a phone.

It’s more usable; like a basketball vs a tennis ball.

It's pull tabs are popped like champagne; not a cup of decaf.


The customization process is easy. Simply upload your artwork for each part of your PopCard. It'll be added. You can choose from varied materials and card capacities.

Aligning inventiveness with customer satisfaction, let’s you customize everything about your PopCard:

- Choose any colors and patterns.

- Write verses, prayers, lyrics, quotes, and messages, in any language.

- Upload drawings, paintings, photographs, screenshots, or any other visuals.

- Choose leather, suede, silk, and even combinations of these materials.

- Choose how many pull tabs yours has.

This allows your PopCard to truly impress your eyes, and be as unique as you are.

Your Cards

You can customize all the surfaces of your PopCard wallet, including the RFID safe inner walls.

PopCards are made to maximize the touchable card and cash surfaces available. This new type of pull tab, and this type of money clip is now best.

Each PopCard pull tab raises cards on both sides, so you can pull out either the front card, the back card, or both. Each PopCard pull tab provides all paired cards faster than those other bifolds, card holders, and pass cases.

And, you can choose how many pull tabs you get. Allowing instant touch access to up to 10× more cards, when using 5 pull tabs.

We can even squeeze 8 cards around each pull tab.

8 × 5 = 40 cards squeezed in.

Using Paper Money

The PopCard money clip is amazing, both aesthetically and functionally.  You touch and see more of each dollar's surface area, plus it's faster and easier because of the increased accessibility during payments. That's compared to leather bifolds, envelopes, and even many money clips.

It has magnets near the top of a rectangular U shaped flap of customized leather. This actually creates more storage space and accessibility than all other money clips. Ever. In all of Earth's existence!

And it looks good! Flashing your favorite currencies through the center and side spaces of the money clip.

You can choose either suede, silk, or customized leather, as a lining for your money clip.

All cash easily slides out, when stored in these money clips. Asymmetrically folded dollars move freely, when stored together in a PopCard. And it’s luxuriously displayed.

Making payments should be easy, and your wallet should make it more so. PopCards do this best, and other wallets don’t.

Vegan Materials and a Smart Design.

The benefits of using a vegan leather wallet are numerous. Vegan leather is more resistant to tearing and water damage, making it a smart option for everyday use.

PopCards are approximately:

5 inches (12.7 cm) tall.

3¾ inches (9.5 cm) long.

0.2 inches (½ cm) thick pull tabs (each).

0.2 inches (½ cm) thick money clip (each).

Each pull tab gives instant touch access to 2 cards, and stores 5-8 cards, while each money clip can store 16 $100 bills.

The damage resistance of each PopCard wallet is surprising when you first feel the soft vegan leather. But it is thick enough for years of use. #Guaranteed. The magnetic money clip is the most intuitive and easy to use. These wallets are designed to organize and protect your cards and cash, and it does so best.


PopCards are the ultimate custom wallet for everyone wanting to make all their future purchases easier.

Made with high-quality vegan leather, you can customize all the surfaces of your wallet, with any images.

This is the wallet that you'll appreciate more than the others.

Be sure to design your own PopCard wallet on:

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