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Recently launched Kickstarter campaign by Hillow unveils Next-Generation Cordless heated pillow offering up to 5 hours of continuous heat.

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Hillow is a portable and versatile heated pillow that delivers superior comfort while also helping to reduce energy costs by 7%.

No more exorbitant energy bills during winter due to using thermostats to keep warm. We all understand the importance of staying warm during cold days, but there is now an alternative. A Belgian company has recently introduced an innovative heated pillow on Kickstarter called “Hillow" which is made with high-quality materials and features quick heating technology, allowing it to provide up to 5 hours of continuous warmth without the need for cords.

The campaign is geared to raise around $54,147 by February 16, 2023.

"I was worried about the rising energy prices and looking for an alternative to keep warm while keeping my bills low. Cherry pit cushions, while nice, only offer a very short time of heat. I thought there was a need for a heating pillow that could last for multiple hours. Being someone who frequently feels cold, I wanted a solution that I could use in different situations. And so, Hillow was born. It's a first-of-its-kind heated pillow that can be used for hours, and one can take it wherever they go, offering quick cordless heating with the convenience of three heat settings.” stated Jens, creator of Hillow.

Features offered by Hillow:

  • Cordless design for warmth on the go (no need for a power outlet)
  • Basic version with permanent cord option
  • Removable and washable cover for easy maintenance
  • Four color options to choose from (Honey Mustard, Steel Blue, Navy Blue, and Coal Gray)
  • Quick heating for immediate warmth
  • Portable and versatile for use anywhere
  • Constructed with high-quality materials for durability

"I've always struggled with sore muscles, but the traditional cherry pit pillow I used only provided temporary relief at my desired temperature and had a tendency to shift and move around. That's why I created Hillow, to solve these issues and provide long-lasting comfort and stability. After a long day at work, relax and soothe your aching body with Hillow. Heat it up and kick back while the heat works its magic.” She added in.

Speaking on, Jens stressed that not only is Hillow incredibly convenient, but it's also energy-efficient. By turning down the thermostat by just one degree and using Hillow instead, users can save 7% on their energy bills. With Hillow, they'll never have to turn up their thermostat again to stay warm.

“It was in July 2022 that the idea for Hillow first came to mind. After that, I devoted countless hours to designing, prototyping, and perfecting the most convenient and innovative heated pillow that truly makes a difference in comfort. We are now prepared to take the next step and bring Hillow to mass production, and it is with this in mind, we turn to you, our valued supporters. With your support, we can make Hillow a reality and elevate your home comfort to new heights.”

Backers will be rewarded with special early bird pricing, a special discount, and a preferred color sleeve for each Hillow they order on Kickstarter.  

To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit the Kickstarter campaign here:

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