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Toothapps Launches Toothapps Refer

By: IssueWire
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Redefining Dental Referrals for Seamless Collaboration and Care

Minnetonka, Minnesota Nov 9, 2023 ( - Toothapps, a trailblazer in dental technology, is proud to introduce Toothapps Refer, a cutting-edge application designed to revolutionize the process of sending, receiving, and collaborating on dental referrals. This innovative platform marks a significant advancement in dental care coordination, offering streamlined communication and enhanced patient care.

In today's dental landscape, roughly 50% of patients referred to specialists do not receive their necessary care, leading to fragmented healthcare and compromised patient outcomes. Toothapps Refer emerges as the solution to this prevalent issue, effectively "closing the loop" on dental referrals. It empowers dental practices to efficiently track referrals and instantly communicate securely with patients, labs, and other healthcare professionals. This breakthrough not only saves substantial time and resources but also significantly elevates the quality of dental care patients receive.

Dr. Bryan Laskin, CEO of Toothapps, emphasizes the critical shift facilitated by Toothapps Refer, stating, "The archaic practice of sending along a piece of paper with a patient as the way of communicating our treatment recommendations can finally be eliminated. For the first time, with Toothapps Refer, our talented healthcare collaborators, specialists, and physicians will have access to the Electronic Dental Record (EDR). I am proud to say that collaborating in a way that our patients deserve is finally easy and available for no additional charge with every Toothapps subscription."

One of the defining features of Toothapps Refer is its ability to facilitate seamless referrals with just a few clicks from any device, eliminating the need to attach documents such as X-rays. The electronic dental record is readily accessible to all involved parties, fostering swift and secure collaboration.

About Toothapps: Toothapps is at the forefront of dental technology, leading the charge in Connected Dentistry, uniting disparate systems, patients, and providers through interoperability. This initiative ensures that dental software becomes effortlessly user-friendly, ultimately improving the efficiency and efficacy of dental care delivery while putting the patient first.

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