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Creative Biolabs: Advancing Disease Research and Drug Discovery With Complement Test Services

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Creative Biolabs unveils an expansive suite of comprehensive complement test services tailored to empower researchers in various immune-related disease research.

New York, USA - May 16, 2024 - The complement system is a pivotal player in the detection and analysis of immune diseases, infectious ailments, and various inflammatory conditions. Recognizing its importance, Creative Biolabs has embarked on complement therapy development through innovative complement detection services.

"These services are rooted in Creative Biolabs' complement therapy development, which involves therapeutic antibodies, protease inhibitors, soluble complement regulators, and other specific components," explained an expert from Creative Biolabs. The expert underscored that their complement detection solutions cover various aspects including complement function and activity testing, complement autoantibody testing, and complement gene testing.

Complement Function/Activity Testing

Assessing the overall functionality of the complement system, Creative Biolabs' complement function testing evaluates the intricate dynamics of blood proteins. "For this test design, our team considers monitoring total complement activity as well as the activity levels of individual complement components such as C3 and C4. Also, we have developed many assay kits, such as the classic CH50 functional test kit, which measures the ability of the complement system to lyse standardized red blood cells," affirmed the expert.

Additionally, for drug development in complement therapeutics, Creative Biolabs extends complement inhibitor validation services to laboratory projects, facilitating researchers in testing the inhibitory effects of diverse compounds or drugs on the complement system. Scientists primarily verify or screen complement inhibitors through hemolysis inhibition assays, high-throughput screening based on cell imaging, receptor-ligand binding assays, and other approaches.

Complement Autoantibody Testing

The expert added, "Complement autoantibody testing is a very useful tool for researchers studying the diagnosis of autoimmune and renal diseases." Creative Biolabs' comprehensive testing package encompasses assays such as anti-C1q autoantibody test, C1 inhibitor autoantibody test, and anti-factor H autoantibody test.

Complement Gene Testing

Some diseases caused by genetic defects in complement proteins have been shown to be associated with uncontrolled activation of the complement pathway. Creative Biolabs' complement gene testing detects pathogenic mutations in genes through sequencing analysis, including monitoring diseases such as thrombotic microangiopathy, atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, and C3 glomerulopathy.

Creative Biolabs' complement detection services ensure the accuracy and reliability of results. "We are excited to introduce this new complement detection service. In addition to our comprehensive professional support, we provide an extensive array of testing products, such as array kits, to detect new receptors or targets across diverse diseases," remarked the expert.

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About Creative Biolabs

As a frontrunner in complement therapy services, Creative Biolabs delivers top-tier biological research services and tailored solutions to its clients. Through its high-quality testing services, Creative Biolabs strives to furnish laboratory projects with precise and dependable data results.

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