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Conversation with Data Analysis Expert: Un-Carrier Senior Analyst Zhengyu Wei Leading Intelligent Decision-Making in the Telecommunications Industry

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In an era dominated by the paramount importance of data analysis across industries, its role cannot be overstated. From traditional sectors to cutting-edge technology firms, data analysis serves as the linchpin for enhanced efficiency, cost reduction, and the formulation of innovative business models.

Within the ever-evolving landscape of the telecom industry, where 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are reshaping paradigms, the significance of data analysis becomes even more pronounced.

Zhengyu Wei, an alumnus of Arizona State University holding a master’s degree in business Analytics, commenced her journey with T-Mobile, America's most-loved wireless brand and the Un-Carrier, as a contractor in 2020, swiftly ascending to an official team member by December 2021 due to her outstanding professional acumen. Her technical prowess has engendered substantive improvements in operational efficiency, data visibility, and the judicious application of data across diverse business domains.

Zhengyu's contributions extend to securing favorable supplier deals, resulting in consequential cost savings for diverse business units. Her provision of precise and timely reports empowers business units to leverage existing transactions and institute performance enhancements within the expansive procurement team. In essence, she has played a pivotal role in elevating procurement operational efficiency, amplifying data visibility, and strategically applying data across various facets of business operations.

By the end of 2022, Zhengyu, in collaborative synergy with the reporting team, adeptly responded to requests, effectuating a streamlined reporting process through the establishment of an Azure pipeline. This innovation facilitated the seamless execution of major transactions, affording procurement teams enhanced visibility into advanced procurement plans. Under her astute leadership, the procurement team experienced its smoothest, most detailed, and successful year-end, earning positive feedback from various teams and key stakeholders.

Furthermore, Zhengyu orchestrated the comprehensive redesign and consolidation of all primary procurement Power BI dashboards, assuming stewardship of over 20 intricate data models that feeding into these dashboards. Collaborating on metric definition, feature designs, and data model implementation, she facilitated an enhanced understanding of procurement logic for the reporting team.

Noteworthy is Zhengyu's collaboration with the company's supplier diversity team, leading the annual regulatory reporting initiative, including The General Order 156 report. This report reflects T-Mobile's steadfast support for the objectives of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and legislative bodies, aimed at augmenting procurement from diverse business enterprises. Zhengyu's introduction of an automated reporting system not only achieved cost savings but also obviated the need for external consultants.

Zhengyu's accomplishments have earned her T-Mobile's preeminent awards—PEAK, Winner Circle, and Summit Award nominations. She was distinguished as the Transformation Catalyst of the Month in March 2022, affirming her standing as a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst and acknowledging her momentous contributions to data support and decision-making. Her proficiencies have not only left an indelible mark in the U.S. data analysis domain but have also garnered widespread recognition and high regard in China, where she has been the recipient of numerous awards and collaboration opportunities.

In the epoch of information, data analysis remains a linchpin across industries. Experts of Zhengyu's caliber confer tangible business value, steering companies and industries toward judicious decision-making. As the mobile communication industry perpetually innovates and evolves, data analysis, exemplified by consummate professionals such as Zhengyu, will furnish precise decision support, propelling the industry to unprecedented heights.

(Author: Scott K. White)

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