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Item 5.  Other Events

AMR  Corporation  is filing herewith a press  release  issued  by
American Airlines, Inc. ("American", a wholly owned subsidiary of
AMR  Corporation)  on  May  30, 2001 as  Exhibit  99.1  which  is
included  herein.  This press release was issued in  response  to
the   Association  of  Professional  Flight  Attendants'   (APFA)
rejection  of the National Mediation Board's proffer  of  binding
arbitration to resolve the remaining contract issues of the APFA.

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99.1 Press Release



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Dated:  May 31, 2001

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99.1      Press Release

                                                Exhibit 99.1

                              Contact:  Corporate Communications
                                        Fort Worth, Texas

FOR RELEASE: Wednesday, May 30, 2001

                    REJECTION OF ARBITRATION
   Company Does Not Anticipate Service Disruptions; Willing to
   Resume Mediated Talks in Effort to Reach Resolution Quickly

     FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines today released the
following statement in response to the Association of Professional
Flight Attendants' (APFA) rejection of the National Mediation
Board's (NMB) proffer of binding arbitration to resolve the
remaining issues surrounding a new contract for the airline's
23,000 flight attendants:
     "We are disappointed the APFA did not join us in accepting
the NMB's proffer of binding arbitration.  We believe that doing
so would have resulted in a fair and fast resolution of the few
remaining open issues with the APFA and allowed both parties to
give flight attendants the industry-leading contract package they
     Although we have been unable to conclude an agreement with
the APFA during formal mediation, we expect the NMB will call
both parties back to the table soon.  We are prepared to meet at
any time or place and to do the hard work necessary to reach an
agreement on a new contract.  We believe that a negotiated
settlement is the best outcome for our flight attendants, our
customers and the airline.
     We want to assure our customers that we do not anticipate
any disruption in service and that we will continue working to
reach a settlement during a 30-day cooling-off period. The Bush
Administration has pledged not to permit a strike to occur at any
major airline this year, in order to avoid disruption of the
economy.  In fact, the Administration intervened in the dispute
between Northwest Airlines and its mechanics to avoid a strike,
and was prepared to do so in the Delta pilot talks.
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APFA Rejects Arbitration
May 30, 2001
Page 2

     American Airlines remains committed to providing its flight
attendants with an industry-leading contract package, and
currently has such a package on the table with the APFA.  As a
guarantee that this settlement package provides our flight
attendants with the best contract package in the industry, we
have renewed our offer to the APFA to sign any other flight
attendant deal in the industry - cover to
cover - if the APFA believes our contract offer is not the best
in the industry.
     During the most recent round of mediated discussions, which
were held May 21-23 in Kansas City, Mo., the airline presented a
comprehensive settlement offer to the APFA that represents the
best overall flight attendant contract package in the industry.
American's offer included:
-    A 21.6 percent pay scale increase compounded over the six-
     year life of the contract (the first tentative agreement was also
     a six-year deal);
-    Five percent of earnings for the period 11/01/98 through
     12/31/99 (payable as a one-time, lump sum payment);
-    A three percent signing bonus (3% of wages earned in the
     period from 7/1/2000 through 6/30/2001);
-    Profit sharing as a stand alone component of compensation
     (the five-year average annual payout from 1996-2000 is 6.2
-    Holiday pay for the first time; and
-    Top-of-the-industry retirement benefits and crew rest
     accommodations on international flights.

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APFA Rejects Arbitration
May 30, 2001
Page 3

     The APFA's contract with American became amendable in
November, 1998.  The parties reached their first tentative
agreement in May of 1999, but that agreement was not ratified by
flight attendants.  After the APFA put a new negotiating committee
in place and elected new national officers, the talks began again
in March of 2000.  American petitioned for mediation seven months
later to keep the talks progressing."


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