Washington, D.C. 20549

                            Form 13F

                       Form 13F COVER PAGE

Report for the Calendar Year or Quarter Ended:  June 30, 2002

Check here if Amendment [ X ]; Amendment Number:  2
  This Amendment (Check only one): [ ] is a restatement
                                   [x] adds new holdings entries.

Institutional Investment Manager Filing this Report:

Intel Corporation
2200 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95052-8119

Form 13F File Number:  28-5160

Person Signing this Report on Behalf of Reporting Manager:

Arvind Sodhani, Vice President and Treasurer (408) 765-1240

   ATTENTION--Intentional misstatements or omissions of facts
 constitute Federal Criminal Violations.  See 18 U.S.C. 1001 and
                        15 U.S.C. 78ff(a)
The  institutional investment manager filing this report and  the
person  by  whom  it is signed hereby represent that  the  person
signing  the  report  is  authorized  to  submit  it,  that   all
information  contained herein is true, correct and complete,  and
that  it  is  understood  that  all required  items,  statements,
schedules,  lists, and tables, are considered integral  parts  of
this form.

Signature, Place and Date of Signing:

/S/Arvind Sodhani    Santa Clara, California  November 14, 2002

Report Type (Check only one):

[X]  13F  HOLDINGS REPORT.  (Check here if all holdings  of  this
     reporting manager are reported in this report.)

[  ] 13F NOTICE.  (Check here if no holdings reported are in this
     report,  and  all  holdings are reported by other  reporting

[  ] 13F  COMBINATION REPORT.  (Check here if a  portion  of  the
     holdings  for  this reporting manager are reported  in  this
     report and a portion are reported by other manager(s).)

                      Form 13F SUMMARY PAGE


Report Summary:

Number of Other Included Managers:        -0-

Form 13F Information Table Entry Total:   1

Form 13F Information Table Value Total:   $82,000

*Confidential Treatment Requested:  Confidential information  has
been  omitted  from this Form 13F and filed separately  with  the

List of Other Included Managers:

Provide  a  numbered  list  of the  name(s)  and  Form  13F  file
number(s)  of all institutional investment managers with  respect
to which this report is filed, other than the manager filing this


                           FORM 13F INFORMATION TABLE

                                                       ITEM 4:   ITEM 5:
                                                        FAIR      SHARES                                        ITEM 8:
                                  ITEM 2:   ITEM 3:    MARKET       OR          ITEM 6:                     VOTING AUTHORITY
            ITEM 1:               TITLE OF   CUSIP      VALUE   PRINCIPAL SH/ INVESTMENT     ITEM 7:      (A)       (B)     (C)
         NAME OF ISSUER            CLASS     NUMBER     (000)     AMOUNT  PRN DISCRETION    MANAGERS     SOLE     SHARED    NONE
NMS COMMUNICATIONS CORP          COM        629248105         82    33,774 SH   DEFINED                                33,774

               Fair Market Value                             82

                    REPORT TOTAL                             82