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Item 7.01
Regulation FD Disclosure.
In connection with recent reports that have suggested that the forecasted performance of new Delaware Basin oil and natural gas wells was being adversely affected by such wells being drilled closer to existing wells, Matador Resources Company (the “Company”) desires to highlight its previously disclosed Delaware Basin drilling activity and performance.  As reported on February 26, 2019, approximately 90% of the Company’s estimated 2019 capital expenditures for drilling, completing and equipping wells will be in the Delaware Basin, and during its February 27, 2019 earnings conference call, the Company emphasized that its drilling program is based almost entirely on a wider 160-acre well spacing pattern to mitigate potential “parent-child” interference problems.  The Company has approximately 2,300 net operated drilling locations in this area and anticipates that it will complete approximately 73 gross (54.9 net) operated wells in the Delaware Basin in 2019.  Approximately 90% of the Company’s future Delaware Basin drilling locations were established based on 160-acre spacing.  Those locations with tighter spacing are primarily in intervals like the Wolfcamp B and Avalon, which are each over 500 feet to 1,000 feet thick in most parts of the basin and where the Company has identified multiple benches that the Company believes allow for the drilling of wells on 80 to 120-acre “wine rack” well spacing to achieve the desired distances between wells.  
The Company continues to be pleased with the performance of its Delaware Basin drilling results.  In addition, in a recent report, the Company was commended for being one of the few energy companies whose actual production outperformed published projections in a three-year study. The Company attributes its well results to a number of factors, including the Company’s practice of drilling most of its Delaware Basin wells on 160-acre spacing.  In addition, other factors like improvements in hydraulic fracturing design and the use of gas lift and electric submersible pumps have helped improve well performance. 
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Date: March 4, 2019
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